We’ll hide your IP address to prevent any hacking, tracking or snooping


Public Wi-Fi is not safe. Not until you’ve got HMA! switched on anyway


World traveller? With HMA! you can still access your favourite sites – from anywhere


Hide your browsing history so your internet provider can’t sell it (Yes, they do that now)


US streaming freedom with our new Liberty Island server.


Stop your internet provider from selling your browsing history.


I find Hidemyass to be the most complete VPN provider available, which you can see just by the number of server locations it has on offer. Their software works well on all platforms I want to use it on (Windows PC, Android phone), and the site’s forum members have proven to be very helpful for me multiple times.


Hide My Ass! (HMA!) is a VPN that works on iPhone, Android, Mac, PC/Windows, and more!

HMA! helps millions of people all over the world to safely and securely enjoy the world-wide-web, preserving our fundamental right to choose how and when we share personal information.

Encompassing every single country in the world, its 939 servers in 348 locations provide more than 250,000 active subscribers with over 127,000 IP address choices. It is now a global company based in London with offices in the UK and Serbia.

Hide My Ass! is a champion of net neutrality and a committed anti-censorship campaigner. It believes strongly that everyone should be entitled to freedom of association and open access to online information.