How to install an OpenVPN server on Raspberry Pi

Install OpenVPN server on Raspberry Pi

In 3 Easy Steps:
  1. Make sure your pi is up-to-date by running ‘sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade’
  2. Simply run this easy setup script ‘curl -L | bash’
  3. Profit!



Unfortunately, lots of people who stream live sports via Kodi either are unaware or simply don’t care about their online privacy. The truth is that your ISP, as well copyright trolls, are spying on what you are doing online all the time. How else do you think Kodi users keep getting warning letters and copyright infringement notices? Setting up VPN is crucial if you don’t want to get caught.

  • By connecting to a VPN server, you make sure that you are totally anonymous online.
  • VPN prevents your ISP from throttling your Internet speed.
  • Given that some Kodi addons are geoblocked, you need to connect to VPN servers in certain countries to unblock them.
  • VPN apps can be installed on all your streaming devices.

NordVPN is the biggest VPN provider in the world. You can connect multiple devices at any one time. Most Importantly, they don’t keep any logs of your browsing activity.

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